Deal And Cope! The Smart Fake Family Quotes To Relieve Your Frustration

Frustrated with your fake family? Learn how to deal and cope with their negative behavior with our smart collection of fake family quotes

It is best to say that not every family is perfect. Not so often families are in the den of phony faces, hiding negative energy, and being unsupportive. This condition can happen to everyone, which later forces people to face stress and harm. The best way to deal with it is through fake family quotes. It is similar to talking and speaking up your mind in a subtle way.

fake family quotes

Why Do You Need The Toxic Family Quotes?

There are chances that people around you, a.k.a family, relatives, siblings, in-laws, or anyone can be a bit toxic from time to time. Most of the time, it happens when people add family to the mix. The new addition can even create the biggest challenge to the strongest souls in the family and create a ripple in its peace.

The said complicated situations are something that people cannot avoid. And when you are facing or finding yourself in that situation, many will recommend coping, dealing, and talking about it. But it is not easy to just simply hit people with bad words. That is where you can start trying to express your frustration with the deceiving quotations for the family.

Before you fully stated or spout the quotes, underline that the following sayings are meant to cop with two-faced people. The Fake family quotes help you relieve the situation and your stress. At the same time, the quotes also have a glimpse of good points and motivation for dealing with the situation or improving your mood.

It will help you feel more positive or at least get some good to relieve on speaking out your mind. But again, the quotes would not fix the circumstance. It is a great release for emotional distress, mood, or tension. You can also accompany the idea by distancing yourself, talking to other people, and getting help. It will aid you to cope and fix the situation.

Sadly, hating people in the family or relative can be such a burden for an individual. It poses people feel guilty and increases the harmful effect on their lives. Sadly, the situation is not a rarity anymore. One way or another you will find "Karen or Ken" in your life. Rather than get yourself down with toxic relations, try the fake family quotes to deal with it.

Best Quotes To Use

1. Best Friend Over Toxic Family

Many said that friends are better than family, and you can use them as your quotes. There is a quote highlighting that One loyal friend is worth more than ten thousand relatives. Another good god gave us relatives, but thanks to that we can choose our friends. It smartly implies that not everyone in the family will be your friend, the real individual that knows you better.

2. The Essence Of Blood Relative

Smart saying about relatives and family are about how they are a fate, but not everyone is considered as good. A strong quote to state your belief is by Andy Dick. The man strongly stated that he had no blood relative until he decides to. It indicates that everyone can be a relative, but one that you bond with as blood-related are people you found real not a phony.

3. Household And Enemies

Many fake family quotes show that the family is your enemy of you. A part of bibble, Mathew 10:36 stated that a person's enemies will be those of his household. A toxic family is worse than a toxic relationship will be the best quote to state your situation. And a quotation about blood does not make family, since some of the demonic or demeaning people might be in your DNA.

4. The Satirical Quotes

Since spouting really bad words can be hard to do, throwing some satirical quotes are your answer. It might sound hard, but it can be a great answer for fake families and relatives. You can say that your unhealthy family only raises you with self-doubt and fear. Or satirically say that you can rot to hell, has a mental illness, or have drug abuse from your screwed family.

Maddy Malhotra shares her quotes saying that parents will be in jail serving a long term if mental abuse was a punishable crime. Susan Forward share an ironic quote telling that unpredictable parents are like terrifying god for their children. Many fake family quotes feel more personal. Robert Bly even stated that his father was always absent during the day, appear at night, and only show temperament.

5. Be Yourself!

While some of the quotes are passive-aggressive in their saying, you can say that some do have inspirational hints in them. Chinonye J. Chudolue's quotes are a prime example. It said that you can create more space in your life when throwing your excess baggage into the garbage. It subtly tells us that you can just throw away your toxic relative from your life.

Michelle Meleen also tells an inspiring idea of not letting the blood chain you down, family is where you are meant to be most free. You can also get inspired by Depak Chopra's quote saying that in the process of letting go (your toxic family) you will lose many things, but it also leads you from the past to find yourself in the future. Be yourself and get inspired by quotes.

Final Words

Facing unsupportive and bad family or relatives is something that people cannot avoid. The fairytale-like life is not always true. When one needs or wants to deliver their stress, the fake family quotes help as mediatory. But it won't solve the problem. The quotes can help you deal with and cope, or it also helps them realize to fix the situation.

fake family quotes

All in all, family is not always about one person. When a bad situation arose, the only way to settle is to talk about it and deal together. The phony quotes for the two faces relatives or family members are just a mediator in relieving your frustration. Some offer the more subtle talk, and other has rather harsh spice. Pick as you want and fix the conflict with your family.

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