6 Better Day Quotes That Make You Think Positive

Start your day on a positive note with these 6 better day quotes that make you think positively. With words of wisdom from famous figures, these quote
THINKING POSITIVES – Thoughts become everyone’s biggest strength. The result of positive thought even could defeat a person with a better physical. The best thing that comes from positive thought makes every day better.

Some advice and the following quotes are existed to create a better time for you. Listen to some unique thinking and find the big inspiration behind it.

better days quotes

Nothing Is Too Small to Make a Difference

This quote is taken from the Dalai Lama's statement as you can read below.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, give it a try to sleep with mosquitoes".

Various simple things you do today, have a real impact. That works on some small things and a little action that you are not so considered to be worth.

However, in practice, this can also become a big motivation for everyone to work and act with persistence. The consistency self for to do movement will impact big in time.

better days quotes

About Your Choice

Every choice we make every day will determine the future. The following quote about life choices from Carlos Castenada is so magical.

“We can make ourselves miserable or strong. The number of jobs is the same".

The statement of course truly exists and is real. The choice to become strong or down fully is in everyone’s hands. The burden is borne it's also basically the same.

One choice leads you to a good ability to adapt the reality. However, the other option is to bring you to worse with the actual world state.

better days quotes

Be Simple

Steve Jobs became one popular character who draft simplicity in the modern era. He brings the breakthrough for framework thinking efficient and not complicated.

However, the thinking method has put forward by a teacher, advisor, philosopher, and reformer named Confucius.

“Life is actually simple, but our insist make it complicated."

The hassle in our life is crafted from the expectation that comes within ourselves and others. Usually, things are related to social construction that is difficult to be refuted.

But, if someone takes the time to let go of self-attachment with things, then you can create real serenity.

Always having a target is a good thing. However, not being too bounded and able to shape the independent definition will put you in a distant situation better.

better days quotes

Being Good is the Best Revenge

A soldier involved in World War I, Herm Albright once stated a thing about revenge and self-response to reality.

“A positive attitude won't solve all your problems—but it will annoy enough the others to make it worth it.”

People who don't like you obviously will feel uncomfortable if you stay sturdy with the stance and path you choose.

Compared to literal revenge, you just could make yourself the center of the world and be a better person that ignores negative things that come from haters.

better days quotes

Dance Like Everyone Watching

There is so much time in life when your decisions, small or big, are shaped by others’ judgments. Whereas you should be able to become yourself anywhere and anytime.

"And those who are seen dancing are considered crazy by those who can't hear music."

That thing was said by the famous philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche who is known as the drafter of nihilism. However, the advice is literally not bad.

Sometimes you need to think that you are a main cast and others will look forward to your next act. Be yourself with the best act as if everyone is looking forward to and watching you.

better days quotes

Let the World Lead Your Way

In life, things are run by the plan, while others become a failure, temporary or not. However, some failure also plays a role to shape who you are today.

EM Forster, a novelist once say a thing that was interesting about that condition.

"We must be willing to give up the life we have planned, to get the life that is waiting for us."

Several parts from your life story sometimes of course need a quick release. Don’t waste your time contemplating failure. As long as the destination still exists, just come back and then hurry up to take a walk.

Meanwhile, when the destination is not possible to achieve anymore, just create and switch to something better. That will make your life story become a leap from one interesting story to another.

better days quotes

Thereby some interesting quotes that can make your day better. Hopefully the positive always surrounds you undergoing activity.

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