How to Stop Being a Narcissist

Learn the signs of narcissistic personality disorder and the steps you can take to overcome it, including therapy and self-reflection.

KNOWING OURSELF – One of the difficulties in developing and improving yourself is the situation when you don't truly recognize yourself. This also often happens with the indication of narcissism.

From the outside’s perspective, one with a trend of narcissism could be seen. But, how does the person with the indication recognize it? can you recognize it easily?

That thing is what makes many people feel worried about narcissism. Because of course, we don’t want to become annoying personality that makes people uncomfortable in common. In another situation, things the precisely could impact social life, career, and also romance.

how to stop being narcissist

Knowing Narcissism

Narcissism could be understood as the trend of prioritizing self alone in excessive portions. Attention too much in a narrow space makes a person with an indication of narcissism not sensitive enough to the situation around them. In formal medical language, its also called a narcissistic personality disorder (NDP).

A person with NDP commonly ignores the negative impact of his actions. On another serious level, the person with NDP has inclined sensitivity low on the impact of action or words on other people.

That thing makes the person looks doesn’t have enough empathy, especially during the moment they throw arguments, act, and take decisions. In professional, the thing that, of course, could be tolerated. However, in scale too much, the thing would be very annoying.

Knowing Narcissism

Ensure The NDP for Ourself

There are so many complex things that map a person with NDP. However, each of these elements cannot be assessed separately. Because basically, these things are elements of the natural emotions of a human being.

Ensure The NDP for Ourself

Attention Seeker

A person with NDP’s indication feels the need for attention to sustainability in amount big. It can also be measured from a reciprocal relationship in express attention with opponent talk.

Sometimes, the person gives attention or compliment on purpose to get a response from someone else, then Thing Becomes a sign alert. What's more, if you make a schema for others to express attention to yourself on purpose.

In the limit already too far away, people around personal narcissism will more often ignore various the schema you created. Several groups choose to make it an instant joke or simply passed it.

Difficulty Identifying Roles in the Group

An NDP person too often feels difficulty in mapping the role in a group or friendship. Some initiatives often precisely hurt other people's feelings or break through the limitations that have been determined.

Worries About Other People's Response

Even though impressed very concerned self alone, one narcissistic it also worries too much about not liking by the people who are expected. So, various actions are often made to create planned responses.

Emotional relation with NDP person very logical reciprocity. Various of their actions and words truly be strategic to get certain responses from other people. That thing of course is not something healthy connection between humans.

Cut-Off Relationship

On certain conditions, a person with NDP indication will be so easy to cut off communication and relations. That thing often occurs if a narcissistic no gets enough attention constantly.

However, the thing neither makes you narcissistic. Cause at a certain limit, everyone needs to choose appreciative relations or friendships. So that condition couldn’t be rated as single validation.

Triggered by Critics

An NDP person couldn’t finely manage critics in general. Either professional or it is personal things. The person will easily end the relationships and friendships based on 1-2 hurtful criticism of their reputation.

Reason A Become Narcissistic

Even though it looks and feels annoying, however, an NDP person is the one that needs help and support. Narcissistic is not something completely decided by someone for becomes so.

There is a complex and lengthy process that can cause narcissism. Various situation complex involving violence in the housing ladder, childhood trauma, abuse, sexual exploitation, and genetic conditions also drives things.

A disorder in brain development can also result in NDP. Many similar things occur in children who are raised by NDP parents who don’t get help.

Attitude pampering and serving children with not proportional terms can also deliver a mature with similar conditions. Even though not always a direct leads to narcissism, the kids will grow with higher NDP potential.

NDP conditions have a direct relation with physiological. A person with NDP has an abnormality in the brain part that has functioning to manage cognitive aspects and emotions. This is what causes an NDP person not to empathize with the plight of others.

Reason A Become Narcissistic

Prevent Self Become Narcissistic

An NPD person, of course, will struggle to independently diagnose their traumatic condition. The NDP person, there a major trauma that needs to be healed and they continuously think that it could be restored with attention from other people.

Prevent Self Become Narcissistic

Trauma Reception

The first step in healing or handling NDP is self-reception. The person must understand that wound and trauma is their fair share in life and not defects that make them embarrassed.

A similar condition happens to everyone, including parents, friends, and others. Everyone has wounds and must not feel embarrassed.

Understanding Imperfection

NPD sufferers also need to build an understanding that everyone can and deserves valued by the whole. That thing no reduced by existence deficiency self, incompetence to do something, or failure on a target.

Forgive Ownself

NDP conditions will be aggravated in a situation when they did not achieve a target. The sufferer must understand that failure and targets are imaginary objects set by humans. So the changes and definitions following capacity are something very reasonable.

Various targets can also be started and repeated without feeling guilty. The restraint from time, age, title, and various other expectations is the result of a common social structure that sometimes doesn’t fit everyone.

Feel The Emotion

Patients with NDP generally attempted to control the situation to be seen and formed perfectly. That thing precisely must feel different. The person needs to let the feeling flow through the moment despite continuously building the expected ideal situation.

Identify The Trigger

Everyone has different key things related to self-pride. If the thing is alluded to, the NDP person generally feels very angry and lost self-control.

Recognizing the trigger could lead to better self-control and complete trauma healing. That thing could relate to work, romance, schedule, and various something else.

Celebrate Achievement

An NDP person can start getting used to micro-target compared to macro achievements. There are so many small things that become current destinations compared to abstract roll hope.

On every achievement, the person needs to give self-appreciation. It could be formed as favorite food, mini-vacation, or not doing anything all day. The cycle will become healthier for the NDP person while keep chasing the target.

Love Ourself

Compared to getting care and love from outside, an NDP person can develop it from themselves. Because that is the easier way and more possible to be controlled. An NDP person can start from an ideal schedule, eat healthy food, have enough resting, and other various things.


Try to write about various things have done in a day. Map things achieved and not accomplished clearly. Then re-arrange the unfinished job for the next activity.

That thing will help recognize self-capacity and shape better plans for the next day. However, do in proper portion in order not to end up with self-disappointment.

Managing Stress and Meditation

Stress is an absolute thing experienced by every adult. It’s wrong when someone tries not to be stressed. The better solution is to manage it.

In majority believe, stress is an energy that needs to be distributed and will become a serious problem if settle in the body. So just do the things that can burn the like exercising, jogging, playing games, also meditation.

Do Every Thing Gradually

Big changes generally do not occur in a second. So, just proceed slowly. Map various targets in rational measurement and try to finish various things one after another.

Trying to finish all things in a short period is the one main problem for everyone. Irrational expectations will lead to becoming a person who is also not rational.

Involved With Art

Channeling emotions and expressing them with art like painting, music, writing, and other forms will help. Just do self-expression and it doesn’t always need to be published. Many things could become confidential to be more meaningful.

Ask Help

If you feel have an NDP indication, that is a good first step to recognizing yourself. However, after that, you need to avoid self-diagnosis. Because that can be very dangerous.

Strive for help from a professional to do the consultation and therapy if it was needed. You don't need through all the things alone.

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