Is Meditation a sin?

Explore the debate over whether meditation is considered a sin or not, and what different religious and spiritual beliefs have to say about it

MEDITATION – A meditation practice growing to be a trend nowadays. But alongside the growth, there is a big question for some people, is meditation classified as a sinful act? Or is meditation a sin?

That is a reasonable question to pop up in the middle of the growth. Because meditation itself is an activity that is quite close-related to certain religious rituals. So there is a common situation if those people who have high enough attention to the spiritual aspect to bring up the question.

is meditation a sin

What is Meditation?

You can define meditation as an exercise to concentrate and clear the mind. With meditation, you can feel calmer, and more comfortable. It also encourages productivity factor.

The meditation practice is usually realized by sitting quietly, closing your eyes, and breathing regularly. In common practice, meditation is usually conducted between 10-20 minutes course.

is meditation a sin

The Purpose of Meditation

In general portion, meditation could help you to improve your concentration and makes you feel relaxed. You can also find peace of mind and reduce pressure mind.

Physically, meditation encourages you to feel relieve fatigue and reduce muscle tension. Some therapy programs also make meditation a method to resolve anxiety disorder and depression.

Uniquely, meditation could be combined with conventional medical treatment. Several conditions such as insomnia, heart disease, cancer, and digestion problems could reduce with meditation.

is meditation a sin

Is Meditation Connected to Religion?

Meditation practices are very close to Buddhist rituals. However, from a modern perspective, meditation is understood as a general method to practice for self-known and achieve serenity.

Various studies prove that meditation could deliver better mental health conditions. Even various medical personnel use meditation to resolve the pressure from the extreme working schedule in various facility health.

is meditation a sin

How to Do The Meditation

There are four easy steps that you can practice to do meditation. The steps are developed for beginners and the reviews are as follows.

1. Calm Thought

Meditation started with a calm mind. This process could be conducted in a sitting position. Body position must feel comfortable and not withhold a certain burden certain, including your own body.

2. Determine the Duration

In the beginning, meditation should be conducted for a short duration. You can start a meditation program for 3-5 minutes only on the first attempt.

3. Breath Control

The most important part of meditation is breathing. Take a deep breath slowly until your stomach feels expanded, then exhale very slowly. Repeat the process during meditation.

4. Focus

When you do the three processes above, sometimes you will get distracted thoughts by certain things. In that condition, you need to return focus on breathing. You are also not allowed to think about other things, especially negative ones.

5. End The Meditation

At the end of the duration, you can finish the meditation slowly. Open your eyes and watch around first. Avoid sudden movement that causes body shock.

is meditation a sin

The Ultimate Question, Is Meditation a Sin?

So assessment of whether meditation including in sin or not will depend a lot on your view. You can take a perspective as religious rituals that are connected to spirituality. Then the conclusion will return to your beliefs about ordinances religion and view other religions.

However, when you look at meditation as universal health activity, then it doesn’t tie to any religious ritual. So, what is your view?

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